BINSTA App Review

A Huge Source Of Free Buyer Traffic From Instagram


Binsta App

Instagram is the most viable traffic source online and if you’re not using Instagram to drive traffic and generate sales then you’re missing a lot of opportunities because it is where the new spenders are right now.

But it takes a lot of time and works to build a community of followers and buyers on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm is designed to favor activity and engagement. You need to constantly post, liking, commenting, following, reposting, messaging, viewing stories, be active on Instagram and scrolling to be recognized by the Instagram algorithm.

That’s when the algorithm starts putting you in front of your audience and starts getting the traffic and followers you want.

But if you have not a lot of time and money, there is a faster solution to building a big community on Instagram that you can monetize easily:

Binsta. An incredible product that Turns Instagram Into A Huge Source Of Free Buyer Traffic


Binsta is the first cloud-based app that automates your Instagram engagement, activities, and growth, building a huge community of targeted followers so you can start selling to them instantly.

This is the same method Instagram influencers are using to grow and make 5 to 6 figures monthly and now, it’s completely automated for you.

It’s the unique Instagram monetization tool right now with lots of First-To-Market features that will blow you away. With the new Instagram API update, Binsta creators have developed the first Instagram software that is in strict compliance with the Instagram/Facebook TOS and gives you the necessary guarantee to run your business.



Here are the features of Binsta that make it perfect for businesses. You can get access to all the tools you need to grow your Instagram and drive traffic to your sales pages, offers, and stores.


It helps you to directly post to your Instagram or schedule all posts to go off at specific times.

You can automate posts to your Newsfeed, Stories, or Albums. You can automate photos or video posts. You can also schedule posts for as long as you want.


Incredible feature!. Your biolink the only way to send your visitors to your store or sales page .

This feature automates your biolink update. You can schedule when your biolink to update automatically without you manually doing that.

You can set multiple automation schedules and direct your traffic to relevant offers and links.


This tool create hashtags quickly before use, thus saving time and generating trending hashtags.


It helps you to search for leads by influencer usernames, hashtags or places.

This tool generates highly targeted audiences based on places, hashtags, and popular Instagram influencers. Plug this audience into your campaign to drive sales.


One of the best tools to interact with posts of users you follow or new Instagram users. It increases account activity. It automatically helps you like posts randomly depending on your target settings.


This tool automatically follows relevant targeted audiences as if you were doing it yourself.

You select your target audience’s interest, location and influencers and it will automatically identify people who match these demographics and follow them.


This feature does the exact opposite of the Auto-follow feature. It naturally unfollows a select part of the people you are following so that you can maintain healthy followers to following ratio.

Instagram rewards the accounts with a high follower to following ratio with more organic visibility.


This feature is a very useful tool to re-post random temporary posts.

The feature will select posts according to selected targets, re-post them, and will remove them after a stipulated time. This is good for engaging your followers and building rapport.


This feature helps to automate the commenting process on Instagram. This tool can put you in the eyes of your target audience right in the comment section of influencers.

Simply set your target influencers and niche and it will automatically post comments to their post as if you were the one doing it.


This feature helps you to automatically view stories of people and accounts they are following, thus encouraging them to view your profile back and follow you.


Here is another tool that is used to interact with Instagram users. Helps you to reach and sell your offers right in the Dm of your customers.


This automatically sends welcome messages to new followers thereby building rapport and trust in your brand.

binsta app review


Growing an Instagram account is such a heavy task if you have to do everything manually: crafting stunning posts; spy on your competitors’ followers; do every single follow; etc.

Before you’ll be able to leverage the facility of Instagram, you may probably hand over thanks to devoting all of your time to accommodate these tasks. So, why not let Binsta App provide you with a hand in automating your Instagram activities to seek out leads & followers, nurturing them, and converting them to avid customers.

With the powerful tools & advanced technology, Binsta makes sure you’ll achieve the 3 most important targets of any marketers on Instagram:


Stop “clicking” on every single “follow” button! some time is precious! With Binsta, you’ll be able to put more target your business.

Moreover, you even have the chance to become an influencer and charge a business to advertise on your account.


If you don’t know the way to speak along with your followers, the amount of your followers means nothing!

First, Binsta helps you to require care of your Instagram content by finding and reposting viral posts to draw in the eye of your followers. This also includes Instagram Stories – the feature you can’t ignore to urge new followers.

Then engage your followers by sending broadcast messages to those that have interacted with you on Instagram.

So this implies you not only ditch the hassles of content creation but also drive massive targeted traffic without paying a dollar for ads.


The link of any offer in front of tens of thousands of customers on Instagram.

What’s more, with Binsta, you can turn your DM into an instant autoresponder sending messages with your links to increase traffic & more sales!

Binsta is the most affordable & comprehensive system I have ever seen when it comes to automating your Instagram.

No more burning your budget on running ads but with just some clicks of a button, Binsta takes all the work supplying you with the unfair advantage to induce massive free traffic, build your brand, make large commissions from affiliate sales, and living actuality laptop lifestyle!

binsta app review