7 Work From Home Jobs Opportunities With Amazon – Ebook

7 Work From Home Jobs Opportunities With Amazon: Job Opportunities At Amazon Work From Home by [Francisco Zamora]

How to make money with Amazon

This company has become a giant of sales, you can buy almost anything, from books to supermarket products. You will find almost everything on Amazon.
This gigantic company needs a lot of employees to properly carry out all the tasks and services it offers. For this, the company offers different options for people who wish to collaborate and generate extra income.
Here are 7 ways for you to earn money through Amazon.

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BINSTA App Review

A Huge Source Of Free Buyer Traffic From Instagram


Binsta App

Instagram is the most viable traffic source online and if you’re not using Instagram to drive traffic and generate sales then you’re missing a lot of opportunities because it is where the new spenders are right now.

But it takes a lot of time and works to build a community of followers and buyers on Instagram.

The Instagram algorithm is designed to favor activity and engagement. You need to constantly post, liking, commenting, following, reposting, messaging, viewing stories, be active on Instagram and scrolling to be recognized by the Instagram algorithm.

That’s when the algorithm starts putting you in front of your audience and starts getting the traffic and followers you want.

But if you have not a lot of time and money, there is a faster solution to building a big community on Instagram that you can monetize easily:

Binsta. An incredible product that Turns Instagram Into A Huge Source Of Free Buyer Traffic


Binsta is the first cloud-based app that automates your Instagram engagement, activities, and growth, building a huge community of targeted followers so you can start selling to them instantly.

This is the same method Instagram influencers are using to grow and make 5 to 6 figures monthly and now, it’s completely automated for you.

It’s the unique Instagram monetization tool right now with lots of First-To-Market features that will blow you away. With the new Instagram API update, Binsta creators have developed the first Instagram software that is in strict compliance with the Instagram/Facebook TOS and gives you the necessary guarantee to run your business.



Here are the features of Binsta that make it perfect for businesses. You can get access to all the tools you need to grow your Instagram and drive traffic to your sales pages, offers, and stores.


It helps you to directly post to your Instagram or schedule all posts to go off at specific times.

You can automate posts to your Newsfeed, Stories, or Albums. You can automate photos or video posts. You can also schedule posts for as long as you want.


Incredible feature!. Your biolink the only way to send your visitors to your store or sales page .

This feature automates your biolink update. You can schedule when your biolink to update automatically without you manually doing that.

You can set multiple automation schedules and direct your traffic to relevant offers and links.


This tool create hashtags quickly before use, thus saving time and generating trending hashtags.


It helps you to search for leads by influencer usernames, hashtags or places.

This tool generates highly targeted audiences based on places, hashtags, and popular Instagram influencers. Plug this audience into your campaign to drive sales.


One of the best tools to interact with posts of users you follow or new Instagram users. It increases account activity. It automatically helps you like posts randomly depending on your target settings.


This tool automatically follows relevant targeted audiences as if you were doing it yourself.

You select your target audience’s interest, location and influencers and it will automatically identify people who match these demographics and follow them.


This feature does the exact opposite of the Auto-follow feature. It naturally unfollows a select part of the people you are following so that you can maintain healthy followers to following ratio.

Instagram rewards the accounts with a high follower to following ratio with more organic visibility.


This feature is a very useful tool to re-post random temporary posts.

The feature will select posts according to selected targets, re-post them, and will remove them after a stipulated time. This is good for engaging your followers and building rapport.


This feature helps to automate the commenting process on Instagram. This tool can put you in the eyes of your target audience right in the comment section of influencers.

Simply set your target influencers and niche and it will automatically post comments to their post as if you were the one doing it.


This feature helps you to automatically view stories of people and accounts they are following, thus encouraging them to view your profile back and follow you.


Here is another tool that is used to interact with Instagram users. Helps you to reach and sell your offers right in the Dm of your customers.


This automatically sends welcome messages to new followers thereby building rapport and trust in your brand.

binsta app review


Growing an Instagram account is such a heavy task if you have to do everything manually: crafting stunning posts; spy on your competitors’ followers; do every single follow; etc.

Before you’ll be able to leverage the facility of Instagram, you may probably hand over thanks to devoting all of your time to accommodate these tasks. So, why not let Binsta App provide you with a hand in automating your Instagram activities to seek out leads & followers, nurturing them, and converting them to avid customers.

With the powerful tools & advanced technology, Binsta makes sure you’ll achieve the 3 most important targets of any marketers on Instagram:


Stop “clicking” on every single “follow” button! some time is precious! With Binsta, you’ll be able to put more target your business.

Moreover, you even have the chance to become an influencer and charge a business to advertise on your account.


If you don’t know the way to speak along with your followers, the amount of your followers means nothing!

First, Binsta helps you to require care of your Instagram content by finding and reposting viral posts to draw in the eye of your followers. This also includes Instagram Stories – the feature you can’t ignore to urge new followers.

Then engage your followers by sending broadcast messages to those that have interacted with you on Instagram.

So this implies you not only ditch the hassles of content creation but also drive massive targeted traffic without paying a dollar for ads.


The link of any offer in front of tens of thousands of customers on Instagram.

What’s more, with Binsta, you can turn your DM into an instant autoresponder sending messages with your links to increase traffic & more sales!

Binsta is the most affordable & comprehensive system I have ever seen when it comes to automating your Instagram.

No more burning your budget on running ads but with just some clicks of a button, Binsta takes all the work supplying you with the unfair advantage to induce massive free traffic, build your brand, make large commissions from affiliate sales, and living actuality laptop lifestyle!

binsta app review












Sweepstakes USA – New APP

Best Places To Get FREE Gifts in the USA

For many people, participating in free sweepstakes is a fun pastime. After all, if you’re entering a giveaway that literally gives away free stuff and doesn’t spend any money, well why not?

But before you go through a list of some of the most interesting giveaways out there, consider some of these tips:

The higher the premium, the greater the chances that you will pay taxes on it. Just something to remember. If you win a prize of more than $ 600, you will have to pay taxes on it.

Read the fine print before playing. You don’t want, for example, to enter every day to win the prize, and then find out that the first entry was eligible, but the other 400 entries were not.

Log in frequently. That is if you have more than one chance to enter sweepstakes, play frequently. You will increase your chances of winning. If you want to win a draw, play many.

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If you watch an instant win game, this may be your best bet. That’s the opinion of Fred Skoler, a digital gaming innovator who owns DigiSnax LLC in Barrington, Illinois. He estimates that he has overseen the launch of 34,000 giveaways in the past eight years.

You can think of the phrase “instant win game” and compare it to lottery tickets, where you can win or lose instantly, but many major brands will run free instant win draws.

“The draws come in several varieties, but the best is the instant win games,” says Skoler. “These games let you know right away if you have won a prize.”

He feels that ties are also the easiest to win. With that said, there are many different types of giveaways. Some are raffles for a ticket (you can only enter once) or daily, weekly or monthly raffles.

There are giveaways where you can only enter on social media, maybe just via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, or just by sending an email or something by post. But while there are many different ways to win a giveaway, the one thing in common is that you should look for free giveaways from brands you trust.

This new app allows you to have the best sweepstakes sites for the USA at one click, car sweepstakes, instant win sweepstakes, home sweepstakes, Mommy Shopping Spree sweepstakes, money sweepstakes, grocery sweepstakes, phone sweepstakes, and much more.

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GetResponse Review. Email Marketing


GetResponse claims to be the easiest to use newsletter tool, with a ton of professional features. Keep watching this article entitled: GetResponse Review, so that you stay up to date and get a free month.

This is a great claim, especially since their prices are very competitive. The global reach of the Poland-based company extends to 182 countries, and it claims to attract more than 1 billion subscribers every month! That’s a lot of emails.

In terms of features, they come with a lot more than most other email marketing services. From simple A/B testing to custom landing pages; Comprehensive design tests for video email marketing.

The function of the Landing Page


The landing page feature, for example, is one of a kind for newsletter tools, especially one that offers so many customization options.

Another feature worth mentioning is its automation, which enables advanced automated campaigns based on triggers/conditions like sales or even location.

Other tools offer automation, but most are not as powerful or easy to use.

Automated Campaigns

On top-tier plans, you also have access to its webinar feature, as well as a built-in CRM – extras not commonly seen on email marketing platforms. It was certainly enough to capture our interest and ultimately our business (we now use GetResponse for many of our automated campaigns). So let’s dig deeper into this tool.

GetResponse prices

These are GetResponse’s prices:

  • $ 15 per 1000 subscribers
  • 25 $ us for 2500 subscribers
  • 45 $ us for 5000 subscribers
  • US $ 65 per 10,000 subscribers
  • 145 $ us for 25000 subscribers

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The Pros And Cons Of GetResponse


In favor

Smart ready automation
Landing page editor or capture page
Spam design and testing


You need solid deliberation rates
You are looking for a free plan and they don’t have it
GetResponse Qualities

It’s easy to use: Mainly easy to navigate using the icon-based top menu, with most of the relevant functions located in the “Email marketing” menu option.

Widgets can be added or removed from the dashboard, giving you full control to manage your dashboard views. One little thing they could improve on is making it a bit easier to navigate outside of the email editor.

The Newsletter Creation: The drag and drop editor is easy to use, allowing a wide range of email types.

In fact, the editor is perhaps more flexible than most other tools, although the range of options for editing may require some practice.

Bonus points for including undo/redo buttons and revision history. Our main complaint is the lack of a central style editor. It would be helpful to set fonts and colors for the entire newsletter.

Personalization: You can customize the subject lines and text of the email using the data in the contact fields (and specify the alternatives if this data doesn’t exist for a particular contact), but it requires a bit of coding.

Email Types: Classic Newsletters, Autoresponders, Newsletter RSS, Easy A / B Testing, Also Polls. A good range if you understand what I say !!

Choice and flexibility of template layouts: Some of the layouts might have an update, but there are plenty of options and they are all responsive.

It is easy to use and edit the templates. However, we couldn’t find an easy way to add columns to templates.

The features you just read are just a few, there are still more than 10 more, but wait for the conclusion and then you will know if it is convenient for you or not to try it for free for a month.


GetResponse really did come with the products, managing to provide both the features and ease of use that most other newsletter tools fall short of. We also noticed the great automation mechanisms for list management, as well as its flexible and intuitive automation workflows.

While the editor can be a bit awkward when performing certain tasks, and the templates seem a bit dated, they are responsive and good enough to create something useful.

There’s even an app for iOS and Android that lets you not only track but also send out newsletters on the go.

With its long list of powerful features like landing pages and even webinars, GetResponse is doing some things right.

While it would be great to see deliverability rates increase, GetResponse scores extremely well in most other areas.

As an email marketing tool, it is definitely versatile enough to do just about everything you need.

We certainly found this to be true in our case for EmailToolTester email campaigns, and it is a tool that we would have some reservations about recommending to others.

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Overnight Millionaire Review. SCAM OR LEGIT?

Overnight Millionaire Mind Hacks

What can we find in a Overnight Millionaire?

Perhaps one of those deceptive get-rich-quick programs that end up being a scam? Or is it totally genuine and money-making?

This article talks about the Overnight Millionaire, what it offers the buyer and if it is effective. I advise you to read it to the end.

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What is a Overnight Millionaire?

This program offers you information on how you can establish strategies to put your mind to work in your favor and how it can launch you to achieve the wealth you want in a few days.

This program is created by Wesley Virgin, one of the most successful Internet entrepreneurs and marketers. The program shows you unique methods and mental tricks to increase your chances of achieving wealth. The show is about self-programming your mind and using your mindset to think and act like you’re already rich.

The program shows you some strategies that can interfere with your subconscious and reinforce positive habits and traits. This positivity allows you to change your life, empower it and, go directly to the main goal which is to earn a lot of money.

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What do you get with the Overnight Millionaire Program?

The system provides you below:

Overnight Mindset Audio Series – One of the elements of the system is a series of audio programs. These audio series give a powerful technique that affects your subconscious and remove any negative thoughts that can make you think poorly about earning money.

Mental tricks – It also offers a cheat guide, a method that prepares you to get into the mood of thinking on your feet and reaching your goal of making money fast.

Transcendental meditation – A video that is in a very easy to understand and follow format. It teaches you to meditate in the correct way and to access parts of your mind that were hidden. It also allows you to understand how important meditation is to making money.

Journal writing – Listening to audios will be of no use if you cannot retain the messages. This part of the Overnight Millionaire program is about keeping a rally journal. This journal helps you continue your progress and know if you are progressing in the right direction. It will help you produce the changes you need on your journey to earn a lot of money.

Manifest things faster – Here’s how to use visualization. It helps you imagine all your goals and the happiness you will feel when you meet them. It is a very important step to earn money. It will make you feel efficient and powerful.

High Value – This aspect of the program is based on paying attention to your self-esteem. Even if you have a lot of money but lack respect for yourself, you will not be able to enjoy riches. This module helps you position yourself higher than those around you, to improve your mentality and make you much more confident of your abilities.

Make money – This is the practical stage; putting into practice everything you have learned so far is what this module teaches you. It will teach you a wide variety of things that challenge your thinking. It will force you to evaluate your environment and find ways to earn money.

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Overnight Millionaire

By the end of this module, you will be better prepared to identify ways to earn money and generate many sources of income.

The Art of Persuasion – You can’t make money without the involvement of others. Someone has to be convinced to believe you. But convincing others can mean the difference between making money and leaving empty-handed. This step of the Overnight Millionaire system will teach you practical ways to be persuasive in many areas of your life and social settings.

Pros and Cons of Overnight Millionaire system


The program is written and designed in a very easy to understand format

Works for everyone, no specific knowledge or experience required

practical tips to increase your ability to generate income and add value to yourself

Verified program that works successfully and quickly for many people

The program comes in an electronic portable form that you can take anywhere and use anytime you need it.


It is only available online and some people may not be able to use it.


If you want to earn more money, this overnight millionaire program can be very helpful. It can be understood as a guide that will help you in each step you take to start becoming a rich person, there is no doubt that you have to work and learn a lot when you follow this program.

Based on science and scientific theories, the program helps you control your thinking and mind in order to think better and achieve your goal.

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Free Email List -✅ Tube Booster Review Demo

Free Email List -✅ Tube Booster Review Demo – Email Marketing – Free Email Marketing List

Hi welcome to my channel today I am going to present to you a new a product which I think you will like a lot it is called tube booster and according to its sales it is the ultimate youtube algorithm cracking software getting unlimited free traffic to dominate youtube rankings while buildi...

Hi welcome to my channel today
I am going to present to you a new
a product which I think you will like a
it is called tube booster and according
to its sales
it is the ultimate youtube algorithm
cracking software
getting unlimited free traffic to
dominate youtube rankings
while building a large subscriber list
on autopilot
this is their website and as you can see
it says that it is software to
multiply the traffic of your youtube
it says too it will give us hidden
traffic secrets never are seen before
finally, get unlimited free traffic to
your videos
quick and easy setup step-by-step video
included one hundred percent newbie
no tech skills required no previous list
and you can rinse and repeat for
multiple commissions
the product is made in three steps
step one view the complete training and
take notes
step two find emails from your niche
through the application and step three
publish your videos and start making
this is jorge villa one of the creators
of this product
i have spoken to him several times he is
a very nice guy
and his youtube channels are very
the other person behind this is veya
a very nice girl and from what i see
very smart
ok now let us see how the application
works to see if it is true that
it is worth the 17 it costs when we buy
the product
we will identify ourselves with our
email address and our password
click in access now it will take us to
the application directly
here it tells us congratulations for the
and shows us the level we have depending
on whether we have bought the base
or any improvement
on the left we have the panel with these
the introduction which is a video of
that will give us an overview about tube
i recommend that you see it to better
understand how it works
seo booster money machine
loyalty guarantee ranking positioning
to be successful in your videos an email
blow up
which is without a doubt the best
you have a tutorial where veya explains
how it works
but it is very easy click on software
here we can choose the niche that we
from all these
as you can see there are
a lot of niches
then we have the country or the zone
those at the beginning are all the
states of the united states
and then there are all the countries of
the world
we can also filter by type of email
hotmail.com etc and by search engine
let's try for example
marketing online
in country we are going to choose
hawaii we leave the email in gmail
about search engine they will put more
and we press blow up
as you can see all captured emails
immediately appear
now we just have to export
and save them wherever we want
this is fantastic because we can build
a huge list of email addresses to do
email marketing
in no time and they are emails
directed to a specific niche nothing to
cold campaigns or subject to luck
i hope you like the video and if you are
interested i will leave you
the link below in the description of the
here are three fast action bonuses
you will instantly receive if you buy
from my link take care

Get Hundreds of Free Email Lists with Tube Booster

Tube Booster

With Tube Booster, you can capture an email list for email marketing in just 10 minutes.
You can also choose the country you want and the specific niche

Build A Website In 5 Minutes (And Make MONEY With It)

Build A Website In 5 Minutes (And Make MONEY With It)

In this video, I'm gonna show you how to build a website in under five minutes. I am John Crestany. I'm an internet entrepreneur been doing this for years but I'm gonna show you how you can as well now check this out we're gonna be going over a few things here I'm gonna show you how to register a ...

In this video, I'm gonna show you how to build a website in under five minutes.
I am John Crestany. I'm an internet entrepreneur been doing this for years but I'm gonna show you how you can as well now check this out we're gonna be going over a few things here I'm gonna show you how to register a domain I'm gonna show you how you can get a free website so you can get started I'm gonna show you how to choose the look of your website and I'm also going to show you how to edit the content and put up some of your own content in under five minutes and after that five minutes I'm going to go over some advance money techniques to start making money so let's get this started I'm going to show you right here let's get into it right here on my computer let's go so building website under five minutes who should I register the main choose the look and the content let's do this so first off have to get a website domain now if you use one of my top three recommended hosting providers the link will be the first link in my description okay so go down there you will get a free website but you have to pay for the hosting use my recommended hosting provider right here now as you see it's actually 295 a month but you get a free domain so usually you have to pay something like ten to twenty-five bucks to register a website just like bluehost.com right here but in this case you'll get it for free and you're getting very cheap hosting 295 now what you want to do is just sign up for the basic plan right here then we will come over to this page we're going fast we have to do this under five minutes you want to select your domain name now it doesn't really matter what it is you can type in random stuff because nobody really looks at domain names anymore and you can check to see if your domains available I love hedgehogs do you and you could click next see if it's still available so once you see that your domains available you want to sign up fill out all this information again you're registering domain you have to fill out information for them to see your domain now I suggest you register for the cheapest plan which is the 295 for 36 months you get your primary domain registration for free I also suggest you sign up for the domain privacy plus protection otherwise you're gonna get a lot of spam emails you're gonna get a lot of spam calls trust me you don't want this information out there I would just keep that checked everything else I would just leave unchecked you don't need any of that other stuff just the privacy and the cheapest plan then you need to enter in your credit card information to set up your website and you click Submit right there now after you sign up for a website congratulations you now have a website well you have a domain to put the website on it and we need to set it up go into Bluehost it looks something like this now you'll want to scroll down and you'll want to go to where it says my sites right there and you'll click that and it'll be blank to have no sites it'll say you don't have any sites you want to click this button right over here that says create site right there now I suggest you use WordPress it's been around for 10 or 20 or 30 50 years I don't know how long it's been around forever this is what everybody uses this is what has the most support I have no idea what this new company is but just forget about that and use WordPress right there and there's over 10,000 themes now the site name will just be my weight loss blog and maybe lose weight and drink so there's our website create earning WordPress website then we'll click Next now after you click Next you'll get to select whatever websites you've registered so if those I love guinea pigs or I love hedgehogs it'll be there in my case I registered a site called learning com you don't need to select any of these you can select all of them they're free though they won't cost you any money forever you don't have to worry about any future charges from the free plugins you can select them or not select them it doesn't matter now if you fill that out you'll get your information the information will be emailed to you you'll have your password your username to log into your site again all of the details be in your email but what you want to do now is save this information here and then you want to click this button which is log into WordPress after you log into WordPress want to go over to the area that says appearance and then themes to right here so there's a button with a paintbrush that says appearance and then there's themes like right there in this area you can choose your theme now spend as much time as you like but there's lots of different themes here you generally speaking there's one two or three column themes you can have 2/3 and 1/3 1/3 and 2/3 there's 2 columns and 2/3 and 1/3 whatever you like now I'm gonna use 2017 because that looks looks pretty now if you want you can customize your theme and you can just click here and you can click customize again there's over 10,000 themes you can search from take your time and have fun figure out how you want your site to look now once we've logged into WordPress we want to actually choose the look of our site so what we're gonna do is we're gonna go down here to where it says appearance we're gonna click that then we're gonna mouse over themes and we're gonna select that right there now once you're going to here you have over 10,000 themes to search from there's different ways that you can search for themes you can just scroll down you can search by a color maybe now there's over 10,000 themes here and in order to find more themes than the ones that are pre-loaded you can just go click this button right here which says wordpress.org themes like this where most the free themes are you can type in filter here type in feature filter and you could say okay I want it to just be one column and I want it to be a blog or maybe you want it for e-commerce then you can just say apply filters here you go your some fun let's preview this one maybe we want our site to look like this we want it to be kind of fun and we can put an image here do all sorts of stuff and we put our blog posts and they show up every day here or maybe we want our site to look like this we want it to be more of a gallery we can preview this site right here it's kind of like a gallery of different images or links there's a number of different ways you can do things if you're a photographer you could find something that's more photo friendly for whatever you're doing doesn't matter we have we're on a schedule here we're staying with the standard theme here edit welcome to Museum of Modern Art now let's say you wanted to add a blog post I wanna do your first blog post in order to add that you would actually go up here to where it says posts and click right there and you would click add new post right there now by default every website has a post called hello world kind of like an inside joke I guess here we just add our title and we'd say how I lost weight drinking beer then you know I'd say here's how and here are my recommended ears let's say that's our blog and in order to create a link here we would just I like this we click that link icon and we'd say you know whatever our site is maybe we're advertising and affiliate link whatever it is and boom there we have a page and then all I would do is click publish right up here click publish now we have our post and the last thing you need to do to activate your site is you need to come up here to where it says blue post home there click right there click this button that says launch your site right there or else nobody will be able see it and once we have clicked this link folks we are now live whoo I hope you enjoyed that video I think it was under five minutes registered a domain we chose the look created some content we created a blog post in under five minutes or something like that I don't know I'm not actually telling myself now the next step is I'm going to show you some advanced money techniques to actually make more money from your websites this is going to be especially useful if you're rating a website not just for personal or blogging or whatever but if you're actually looking to trade websites that actually get people interested in buying a product now if you're just looking to build a relationship with people whatever goes start your blog link to it under other social media and you'll start getting people coming to your website you just continually post content on social media every day you blog and you YouTube and you tick-tock and you Pinterest and all these things combined you can create a business very easily as long as you're consistent again the payoff is huge is monstrous I make millions of dollars a year running internet businesses mostly hands off at this point I put in a couple years of work and it pays off far in the future but in your case you have to put in the work you have to be consistent and takes years of years of work to actually get anywhere when it really starts taking off you see massive amounts of money so faith right faith and amount of faith and not out of fear if you act out of faith not out of fear you're not gonna be continually changing businesses starting a social media and stopping a social media many people act out of fear they say I don't think this is gonna work I'm not gonna do it anymore and they stop or they never do anything at all work towards it now while WordPress is nice and simple and easy and free to build websites the way I actually build my websites is using a website builder called clickfunnels it's non-technical it's very easy to use you aren't limited to certain themes you can move and drag and drop things around as you may there's also a lot of features built in specifically for people that are trying to make money from their websites specifically to help market products to sell products and to make it happen and if you want to give yourself the best advantage to actually sell products and earn money whether it is a food product whether it is a some sort of product that your drop shipping from China or whether it's just your trading your information or salting or running an agency clickfunnels it's the best for that and it's built specifically to help you make money now I register my websites through Bluehost and I use my hosting there but I build my websites and click funnels and let me tell you a little bit about that click funnels it says quickly create beautiful once again this is not something like Squarespace which is just meant to show off your photography collection or show off your architecture designs this is built to move product and make you money and then I make up to seven hundred thousand dollars a month with my online business check this out a sales funnel is basically built to move people along from getting them on to your email list or your other social media channels built to make build value to make people like you and also it's built to collect money now WordPress is not going to collect money for you click funnels will collect money for you be a stripe Visa American Express or MasterCard its click funnels is even built to help you up sell people so you make more money and to deliver product if you're running an info product so all of these things again if you are trying to make money with the internet if you are trying to use the internet if you were trying to use your website to make money I encourage you sign up for click funnels there's a 14-day free trial right after you build your website you build your website for free but if you're looking to make money try building your website with click funnels you won't regret it and you'll see there's so much training inside of the community it's absolutely amazing now to get a bit into much does it cost and all that stuff it costs $97 a month now for most of the 13 year olds that are watching this video on freaking portrait mode flip that phone landscape mode I know you're scrolling through the comments trying to you know Doozers work for everybody get some confidence because this is important stuff here click funnels it's $97 a month but it's worth every penny now I'm gonna show you how to link click funnels with your blog right now so how do link click funnels with your website you'll actually go down here and you'll click plugins right here in side your sites you'll click plugins and then you'll click add new plugin now within here with WordPress interface you'll just type in the keyword click funnels right over here in the search bar now if your search click funnels you'll scroll down here you will be able to select this thing right here and click install now and say installing and in congratulations you installed your first plugin and you'll click activate sorry I'm redoing these macadamia nuts I'm on the keto diet it I love macadamia nuts now I can eat all fat I want it's really cool so you click activate and then where you'll be able to connect things is you'll actually go over here right in between here click funnels and you'll click right there new plugins you install will typically show up under the plugins area or they'll create their own little sidebar icon within WordPress and in order to connect things you have to click finish plug-in setup and then you will type in your account email and your authentification token which you just email click funnel support after you sign up and just respond to the email and ask them what is your authentification token and then you will be able to design beautiful websites let me just show you a little bit about how click funnels works and how you are able to design beautiful websites using it so let's say I want to check out my affiliate funnel let's check out this page for instant this page I built with click funnels this already happened but this has a countdown timer that counts down minute by minute allows me to create a button where I mouse over it and it appears like that now let me show you an example of a beautiful website that I've built with click funnel preview the page I'll show you how we can edit it so first off you can just create boxes you can create countdown timers when you scroll the video can appear in the top right when you mouse over buttons and changes colors everything is WYSIWYG what you see is what you give it's an editor and you can just design beautiful beautiful beautiful pages that are built to sup its kind of ugly but it's built to sell edit the page we just click here and what you'll see very different from WordPress everything is drag and drop let's say I want to move this element over here or let's say I want to change out this video and say I want to change it to a YouTube video I would just go to youtube and a copy and paste link of the YouTube video right there and that's what would appear in the video everything is very very very simple to use let's say I want to change the look and color of the button I would just click on the color and I just click a different color oh I want it to be green or I want it to be purple now let's say I wanted to change the look and feel of the text I just click this button and I could say I want the text color to be blue Berlin it's actually to be red and just drag and drop and things change very easily let's say I want to add another picture i'll just click plus and on say oh let's do image what image do i want it to do i just want it to be a stop sign whatever it is I can choose anything I want I can move it over here easily I can move my picture over here easily I can do whatever I want without knowing any coding whatsoever whereas if you design your sites through WordPress in order really customize the look and feel of things you need to know a little programming there you need to hire someone whereas here I just move this over like that or I can just make this move it around just with the click of my mouse so that's why I love clickfunnels because I don't need to know any programming and I can design sites and make up to 700,000 dollars a month doing so so that's the beauty of it and then you can just click Save or whatnot there everything is super simple and it's all done connect your site with your clickfunnels and suddenly your site becomes get the ability to make a lot of money and that's not to say just click funnels the community and the trainings alone are worth a ton of money here and what you'll see is if we go to the dashboard and what you'll see if you go to the dashboard of clickfunnels is they also have a lot of training to help you actually become successful online because click funnels is a website builder meant to help you make money they have a lot of training to help you make money and you'll see here in the success past they have the affiliate bootcamp they have a 30 day camp to help you figure out what you want to market how to market it they give you website templates to get started and make it happen show how brick-and-mortar websites can make money they also have documentaries on all the people that are making lots of money thousands tens of thousands hundreds of thousands more millions of dollars every single month with the websites they've built on click phones one thing you'll notice here too is they have awards they have annual events every year this is the clickfunnels - comma Club award I'm really proud to have received forbidding two commas into my revenue I'm making over a million dollars with the funnel that I set up with clickfunnels two consecutive years or row that I've been using click funnels on my funnels and it's just totally changed my business and made my life a lot easier and all the training I don't really go through the training I already know this stuff I'm making like a lot of money comparatively I guess but if you're just getting started in business all of this free trainings they have the events they have the community they have created can really help you get your start check it out I hope that helps get your website started and let me know what you enjoyed the most about this video in the comments below looking forward to seeing you soon in one of my next videos makes you murder that like button and that subscribe button I have a lot more videos coming out in the future looking forward to talking soon.

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