8 Ways to Earn Money Working at Home

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Money Working at Home

Perhaps you have taken the time to find a targeted niche and create a great looking website. At this point, you may be wondering how to make money on your site. Some of the most common methods are adding affiliate programs or a PPC advertising network like Google AdSense to your site. However, there are many more methods to make money on your website. This article covers some under practiced but highly effective ways to earn money working at home with your own website.

1. Donations

Placing a Donate button on your site is a very effective way to earn money working at home with your website. Information sites and blogs do especially well with this technique since readers feel they are gaining value and want to give back. You can have variations of this button with a Buy me a beer or Buy me a coffee tagline.

2. Premium content

Some blogs and websites give away part of their content and then charge for access to exclusive content and tools. These sites usually ask visitors to pay a monthly fee to gain access to guides, manuals, and other exclusive information.

3. Direct Banner Advertising. If you are willing to go through the sales process, selling your own advertising space is a very lucrative monetization method. You can set your rates and cut out the middleman, making it a great way to make money on your website.

4. Private Forum

Private forums charge members a single or recurring fee to join. Unlike free forums, private ones offer highly exclusive information. They usually offer optimal tips, tools and techniques for their members.

5. Sponsors for single column or events

While you do need to have a lot of traffic for this monetization method if you have a website with specific events or columns such as, an interview series or a daily poll you can find companies to sponsor them individually. This works for advertisers looking to earn money working online because it gives them a chance to reach a highly targeted audience with less commitment.

6. Paid Poll and surveys

There are some companies that will pay you to run a website or poll on your website. You sign up with them and then decide which polls you want to run on your site.

7. Selling templates

This is a monetization method that is growing. As more people decide to get an online presence, more of them are willing to pay for unique web and blog templates. There are companies you can work with or you can decide to sell your work independently.

8. Audio Ads

This method is not used by a lot of mainstream websites in their desire to earn money working online but it can be a good method to make money on your website. Pay Per Play, as it commonly referred to, is an advertising method where you play a small advertisement (usually 5 seconds) each time a visitor enters the site. It runs on a code so it’s pretty much set-it-and-forget-it. However, they are very intrusive, so think carefully before using this monetization method.

Above are just some of the ways to earn money working online with your website. They are generally used by websites that get a good amount of traffic and offer high-quality information or services but they are very lucrative.