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How to Take Full Advantage of The YouTube Algorithm and Grow Super Quickly

Matt Par

Hey, whats up guys welcome back to the studio like I said we're gonna being over an incredibly cool niche that I bet you guys have never even thought of. And I'm gonna be going over that niche on my computer here and show you some example channels in this niche and then exactly how you can make...

Hey, whats up guys welcome back to the studio
like I said we're gonna being over an incredibly
cool niche that I bet you guys have never even thought of.
And I'm gonna be going over that niche on my computer here
and show you some example channels in this niche
and then exactly how you can make money making videos
in this niche on YouTube.
If that sounds good then stick around because you are not
going to wanna miss how exactly you can monetize
this types of channels
and do this exact method and start making money
from home yourself using YouTube.
So lets jump on the computer right here
so I can show you guys exactly
how this channels are making money.
And more importantly how you can to.
All right so if you guys didn't already guess by the intro
today we are talking about meditation channels.
Yes, you can actually make money on YouTube by running
a meditation channel.
Let me show you exactly what I mean.
So jumping in here to the computer, as you guys can see,
I searched for meditation,
and look at all of these channels
with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.
And all they do is make these simple,
easy meditation videos.
And in just a second, I'm actually gonna show you guys
how you can outsource the content creation
to other people
and pay other people to make these videos for you.
That's actually how I run nine different YouTube channels,
how I got that gold and silver play button over there.
I have millions of subscribers across all of my channels.
And this is how I do it.
I wanna show you guys an actual example
and an actual niche that you guys can take action in
and start making money in
and that is why I'm showing you guys
the meditation niche today.
So if we search meditation on YouTube,
you can see this huge list of different
meditation channels that pop up,
each having hundreds of thousands of subscribers,
some even as much as millions of subscribers.
2.23 million subscribers
for a channel called Meditative Mind
this channel Meditation Relax Music 1.94 million subscribers
so we know there's definitely an appeal in a market
for these types of meditation videos.
Now if you're interested in seeing what types of videos
that these people are making,
we can actually go to one of their channels.
So the second channel right here Michael Sealey
this one particularly intrigued me,
because it looks like just the guy
just a single guy making these videos.
He only has 152 videos on his YouTube channel
because as you can see, some of these channels
have thousand 660 videos, 1300 videos,
I'm interested in channels like this guy Michael Sealey,
who only have 152 videos on their channel
yet almost a million subscribers
he's about to hit a million subscribers .
So taking a look at his channel right here.
993000 subscribers, his most popular upload
16 million views.
Okay guys, 42 minute video called
Guided Meditation From Detachment From Overthinking."
But he's got all These types of videos like
Guided Meditation From Detachment.
Rain and Thunder Relaxation.
And my first thought was, these must be
incredibly hard to make.
And like I said in just a second,
I'm gonna be showing you exactly
how you can outsource this process
and pay other people to make the videos for you
without doing any of this yourself.
But I just wanna show you guys,
how easy these videos would be to make.
So let me show you, let's go to his most recent upload,
which was one week ago,
so his most recent upload one week ago 189000 reviews.
If we click this video right here,
there's actually an ad on the video playing right now.
So he is making money off of ads on his video.
But here looking at the video,
he's got a little disclaimer at the beginning
saying that he's not liable for anything that happens
due to his hypnosis sessions meditation sessions.
But looking at the video, as you can see,
the background is simply a stock footage looping background.
So you can find these backgrounds on places
There's tons of different marketplaces,
where you can find these videos for absolutely free.
Okay, so you go to these different marketplaces,
you find these videos,
you put it into your own meditation relaxation video.
And then all he does is do a voiceover on top of the videos.
Leading people through meditation.
Now like I said, if you know absolutely
nothing about meditations,
that is no problem at all because like I said,
I'm gonna show you how you can outsource this process
pay other people to make these videos for you,
which is actually super easy to do.
So I'm gonna show you how to do that in just a second.
But first, let's look at how much money
this guy's actually making from his meditation channel.
And then let's look at the different ways
we can monetize a channel like this.
So taking a look here just from ads alone,
this Michael Sealey guy's making between
one in $17000 a month according to social blade
just from ads, okay, this is just from ads.
Now there's so many different ways of monetizing them.
I'm gonna be getting into here on this video.
But just from ads one to $17000 a month.
And in my experience from running channels
in niches similar to this niche right here,
I can tell you guys that this number
is most likely from my experience
about in the middle a little bit more than halfway
of what this estimate says.
So if it says one to $17000 a month,
I would guess that he's at least making $10000 a month,
just from ads on his channel.
Now, I could be estimating high, I could be estimating low,
but as a general estimate,
I would estimate that he's making
about at least $10000 a month from ads.
Now obviously, that's great, right?
Who wouldn't want an extra $10000 a month from ads,
but I reckon he's actually making more money
using different monetization methods
that I'm about to share with you on here.
So as you can see right here,
he makes all these types of videos.
And he doesn't even upload that often.
If we go back to his channel right here.
I wanna show you how often he uploads
so if we go to his videos section on his channel,
he uploads only every couple months.
Okay, this isn't like something
where you have to make a video every single day,
although that would give you the best benefit
and the best chances for succeeding on YouTube.
But a niche like this, these are 40 minute videos
and he's got a collection of meditations
that people can go back to and re-listen to if they want to.
He's got this huge collection.
So taking a look here one week ago,
190000 views and then his video before that
was one month ago 257000 views
and then 700000 views four months ago,
five months ago, six months ago,
this guy hardly uploads only every couple months.
Yet he's still let's take a look here
and going back to the social blade statistics.
He's still getting over 170000 views a day, on average,
look at this 16800, 144000 views every single day
and he only uploads every month or so.
Are you guys starting to see the potential
in running a channel in a niche like this
and looking at subscribers right here 800 subscribers
500 subscribers, he's getting on average
seven to 900 subscribers a day.
How would you guys like to be running a channel
where every single day you get almost 900 subscribers.
And these thumbnails looks so easy to make as well
you just put a little stock photo in the background
with some texts on top of it.
I mean, I'm sure you guys can make thumbnails like this.
So this Michael Sealey guy is by far not the only person
in the world making these kinds of meditation videos
and making a ton of money from it.
Let's take a look at some more channels right here.
Let's take a look at this channel
321 Relaxing Meditation Relax Clips
now, if we go to their videos right here,
I just wanna show you guys that this channel
only uploads around once every three months.
I mean, come on, look at this.
Their latest video was one week ago
Bedtime Lullabies that looks like
more of children's video,
but most of their videos are more like
just general meditation videos.
See they sprinkle in a little bit
of like a kid video every now and then.
But the video before that was just
Relaxing Sleep Music Flute and Sea.
This wasn't even a meditation,
they just put some background music
on the video with some stock clips or stock images
on top of the video,
and then called it a video an hour long.
That's one of the biggest thing that surprises me
about these types of channels
is the fact that they don't upload
that frequently looking
at this 321 Relaxation Meditation clips,
it's just shocking to me that
they can upload this infrequently
and still get so many views
and make so much money from their YouTube channels.
You know, I'm used to just uploading
every single day on my YouTube channels
because I wanna give them the best chance
for being successful that I possibly can.
And the way I do that, and I ensure that,
it's uploading frequently.
So if you guys can upload more than once every three months,
you have an instinct competitive advantage
in a competitive edge against these channels
that I'm showing you.
So looking at the social blade stats
of this given channel right here,
as you guys can see, this channel
is getting 700, 300, 700 subscribers a day
on their YouTube channel.
And they only upload like once every three months.
I mean, come on, this is absolutely crazy.
So this channel makes between one and $26000
every single month.
So I would guess it's more on the higher end
based off of my experience in this niche,
it's not a guarantee that they're making this much from ads.
But I would guess that they're making
at least $20000 a month,
just from ads on their YouTube channel
like that is honestly crazy.
200000 views a day on average on their YouTube channel
between 19000 and $300000 every single year
they're making just from ads.
Like I said, just from ads.
This isn't even counting the monetization methods
and I'm about to show you guys later on in this video.
Just from ads between 19000 and $300000 a year.
I guarantee you they're making more than 100 grand a year
just from their YouTube channel
from ads alone not counting the other monetization methods.
Here's another channel doing pretty
much the exact same thing.
Power thoughts meditation club,
this channel getting between 500 to 1000 subscribers
every single day between one and $20000 a month.
And the interesting thing about these channels guys
that I wanna point out
is that these channels don't show their face,
like I already showed you this Michael Sealey guy's channel,
he shows his face but he doesn't really
show his face on his videos.
Apart from he does an occasional video
where he says like thank you for 600000 subscribers
where he shows his face.
But most of his videos, he doesn't show his face
and the one he does he doesn't get as many views
as on the videos that he doesn't show his face.
The videos that he doesn't show his face
is meditation videos, get the most views on his channel.
Because that's what people wanna see.
They're going there for the meditation videos,
not for videos of him talking
like that's just what it is okay.
And this channel right here doesn't even show their face
321 Relaxation Meditation clips doesn't even show their face
almost a million subscribers 799000 subscribers.
This channel does have over a million subscribers
this channel got a gold play button
and they don't even show their face.
Power thoughts meditation club.
Look at these channels.
This is honestly crazy, that you can make this much
this channel makes between 17000 and $284000
every single year just from their ads alone
on their YouTube channel.
The Honest Guys, here's another channel
pretty much doing the exact same thing.
These guys do show their faces.
But as you can see people go to their channel
for their meditation videos.
Looking at their videos right here
Guided Meditation Deep Relaxation,
56000 views a month these guys upload
a little bit more often.
Here's another channel,
Jason Stephenson Sleep Meditation Music.
I don't know why some of these people
are showing their faces.
I mean, maybe they want to be a celebrity
in the meditation niche.
But honestly, if I was running a channel like this,
I'm not gonna show my face on the channel.
I'm just gonna actually pay other people to do it,
which I'm gonna be showing you guys how to do
in just a second here.
But some of these people do show
their face some of them don't.
Here's another channel that doesn't.
This is pretty much the one
of the biggest meditation channels on YouTube.
That I've been able to find and it's called Meditative Mind.
Now, this channel has over 2.23 million subscribers.
And if we go to their social blade statistics right here,
this channel, you guys aren't gonna believe this,
this channel is making between four and $60000 a month.
Okay, every single month, they're making that much
between 43000 and $700000 a year.
Just from ads alone.
Okay, just from ads, guys, this is not even counting
the other ways you can monetize your YouTube channel.
That I'm gonna show you how these channels
are incorporating that as well
and making a ton of money doing that as well.
I would even go as far to say they're
making more money through these
alternative monetization methods.
And I'm about to show you guys then from ads alone,
Okay, so this ads are just like a nice little extra thing,
a nice little couple hundred thousand dollars a month
extra on top of what they're already making
from some of these alternative methods
of monetizing their YouTube channel.
In which you don't even have to have 100000 subscribers.
4000 hours of watch time,
I see so many people complaining
and saying how can I monetize my youtube channel faster?
Well, I'm gonna show you exactly
how you can do that in this video,
especially if you're interested in running a channel
in this meditation niche.
Now the reason this channel is doing so good
and getting over 2000 subscribers a day,
almost half a million, over half a million views
on somedays every single day on their YouTube channel
is because of how frequently that they're uploading.
Compared to these other YouTube channels.
So compared to the other channels in the meditation niche,
this channel is uploading very frequently.
As you can see, 19 hours ago, six days ago,
one week ago, they upload pretty much
at least a video a week.
Sometimes two videos, two to three videos a week,
as you can see this week they uploaded three videos.
On this week they only uploaded one.
On this week only one,
The latest week they uploaded two different videos.
And a lot of the videos don't even
have any talking in them whatsoever.
They literally just use stock footage in the background.
And then they put some meditation music
and I'm gonna show you how you can actually pay people
to make this type of meditation music
or just better yet pay them to make the entire meditation.
With talking even some of them for you, in just a second.
But before I show you guys how you can do that,
I just wanna show you guys
some potential for this meditation niche.
So logging into one of my keyword tools right here.
As you can see, I search for the keyword meditation
and the keyword meditation,
people searching for meditation on YouTube.
10.7 million people every single month,
search for this keyword on YouTube 10.7 million.
Okay, and look at some of these other
related keywords here guided meditation.
3.8 million searches a month.
Meditation music 13 million searches a month.
Sleep music 17 million searches a month okay.
Yoga, sleep relaxation, music, call music,
stress relief music.
This is a huge market guys.
Millions of people are searching for these keywords
every single month on YouTube.
Are you guys starting to see the potential here for you.
Because all you guys have to do
is get into some of these search results.
And I actually have a method
for getting into the search results,
and then pivoting that into suggested traffic.
So my method consists of, first of all getting views
from search and then transitioning that
to suggested Video Traffic.
And that's just how you absolutely blow up on YouTube,
especially if you implement similar metadata.
If you guys don't know what similar metadata is,
or any of this stuff I'm talking about,
and you wanna discover the secret
for blowing up on YouTube,
check out my absolutely free training
down at the link in the description.
It's going to help you guys a ton,
if you want to learn literally
how to blow up on YouTube
that is going to help you guys a ton.
I put it together it's absolutely free
down at the first link in the description.
And if you guys wanna go more in depth
I have a course on all this to,
on exactly how you can do all of this
and that will be down in the description
as well if you guys are interested in that.
So what I do is I find high search volume,
low competition keywords and I rank for those keywords
I implement similar metadata,
and then I transition the traffic
from getting mostly search traffic.
To suggested traffic implement similar metadata.
And this is how you blow channels up on YouTube.
And there's ton of little tips and tricks and secrets,
that it go over at the course
at the link in the description
if you guys are interested in it.
And I give my students the best one on one attention
that I possibly can.
And answer their questions personally.
And if you guys are interested in signing up for that,
the course is down at the link in the description.
But like I promised you guys,
I am going to show you some of these alternative
monetization methods that some of these channels are using,
to, in my opinion, make way more from these methods,
than from ads on YouTube.
And then I'm gonna show you how you can outsource
the content creation yourself
and pay other people to make these videos for you.
This is a super easy method,
that I've haven't seen anybody else talk about online.
I'm gonna be sharing it with you.
I'm gonna be disclosing to you guys
and revealing how you can do this yourself.
So taking a look here, I'll let me show you some
alternative monetization methods that you can do.
So looking at this guy, Michael Sealey.
We went over this guy's channel,
If we go over his latest video here, Sleep Hypnosis,
we click this video.
As you can see, there's an ad playing on the video.
If we go down to the description of this guy's video,
and we click Show more,
as you can see in the descriptions,
of all of his different videos,
he has a link to something called DPD-Cart
now if you don't know what DPD-Cart is,
I think it stands for Digital Product Cart.
And so basically, it's like a place
where you can sell digital products.
Now you're asking, what are digital products?
Digital products are things such as meditation,
such as online courses, things of this nature
that you can sell.
So what would a meditation channel sell?
What do you guys think of meditation channel will sell?
That's right, there's selling meditations.
I guarantee you if you get a million people
watching one of your free meditations,
a small percentage of them
are going to be willing to pay
like let's take a look at this 113 bucks
for more premium meditation.
And you get a little list of four different meditations
Sleep Meditation Nightly, Nourishment Collection
4 MP3 for $13,
I guarantee you this dude,
getting 100000 views a day,
all he needs is a couple of them to buy these things.
And he's making a lot of money,
from these many different meditation
that he's selling on DPD-Cart.
Now you don't have to use DPD-Cart.
There's so many different ways you can sell meditations.
You couldn't even sell an online course on how to meditate.
I mean, the options and the opportunity
in this is absolutely endless.
Once you understand how well these channels are doing,
so let's go to his growth domain for this right here.
Let's see, he's selling all these different meditations.
Look at this and I bet a lot of these people
who buy these meditations are repeat customers.
Okay, so they buy a lot of these meditations.
So going through here $2, $3
so most of these meditations are priced
from like two to $3 and then he includes
like meditation packs, like this one,
that are like $15 and as you can see,
I guarantee you this guy is selling a lot of meditations
just by putting a link in the description
of his YouTube videos.
As you can see right here, he's got links in the description
of his YouTube videos.
And then he's up selling these meditations.
Oh, wow and I just noticed as well,
he has a link to the exact stock footage
he uses in his videos.
He has a link right at the bottom
of his description on his videos,
where he shows you he where he got the stock footage.
I mean, it's like the blueprint
is laid out there for you guys.
And I wanna, I'm trying to show you guys
exactly how you can do this as well.
So let's take a look at some more
of these channels right here,
this one 321 Relaxation Club.
I don't know if this channel's
selling anything from their descriptions if we go.
That doesn't look like they're selling anything
which you're leaving a lot of money
on the table by not selling anything.
I guarantee you can make a lot more
from selling stuff from your YouTube channel than from ads
and plus, you don't have to wait to get 1000 subscribers
or 4000 hours of watch time.
So if you guys don't have 4000 hours of watch time
or 1000 subscribers, you don't have to worry.
You can monetize your YouTube channels using these methods.
So look at this Power Thoughts meditation Club
1.3 million subscribers.
As you can see on their channel,
they have a link to their website.
So if we go to their website right here,
I guarantee you they're going
to be selling audio meditations.
Look at that audio shop.
They also sell looks like spiritual clothing,
free audio healing.
And from these free audio healings,
I guarantee you they try to sell you their products as well.
So which is, there's nothing wrong with that whatsoever.
And as you can see, they have all of these different
meditations as they're selling
so we go to their download audio store,
we can see oh, look, they're using DPD-Cart as well.
Look at this they're selling
all their meditations on here as well.
And this is an amazing way to monetize your YouTube channel.
The honest guys, they're selling meditations to
look at this.
As you can see, they have the link
to their store right here, right directly in their channel.
And it looks like they have patreon
and all these different things,
looks like they've merged they have donations,
all this stuff that they can sell
from their YouTube channel
because they're getting a ton of views
using some of the methods
that I'm teaching you guys right here.
And the story that I always like to tell
is this channel that you guys are watching
this on right now.
At the time it had 7000 subscribers
and I was making more money from this channel
that you guys are watching right now,
then from my another channel that I ran
with over 100000 subscribers.
And that's because I'm selling stuff
from my YouTube channel.
And you can always use affiliate marketing to,
to sell products you don't even know
because I know a lot of you guys are like,
I don't think I can make a course
I don't think I can make meditations.
Well you guys don't have to,
with one I'm about to show you right now.
So like I promised you guys,
I showed you this amazing niche
with amazing opportunity on YouTube,
I showed you how you can monetize this niche
and make money from it.
And now I'm gonna show you, how you can pay other people
to make these videos for you.
So you don't even have to know
anything about meditation whatsoever
to make these videos and to run a huge
meditation channel on YouTube.
Now, I'm not guaranteeing that if you do
the tactics I'm teaching,
you gonna get a million views.
You gonna get a million subscribers,
you gonna make hundreds of thousands of dollars
from your YouTube channel every single year.
I can't guarantee that because I can't guarantee.
You guys will actually go out
and take the information I'm telling you and implement it.
I can not guarantee that, but what I can guarantee you
is that there are people out there doing this.
And I'm showing you guys this,
because it's possible, okay.
It is possible to go out and to do this
and to make money from YouTube running a meditation channel.
And like I promise you,
let me show you an amazing way
that I've seen nobody talked about online.
How you can outsource these types of channels.
And to do that, we're first gonna go to Google here
and then we're going to type in Fiverr.
So I'm not sure if you guys have ever heard of Fiverr,
but if we search for Fiverr right here.
As you can see Fiverr.
so Fiverr is basically a marketplace for businesses.
Fiverr got it's name from selling like $5 products,
people will sell like $5 things on Fiverr.
Like I will design a logo for you for $5
things of that nature,
but what I found on Fiverr is absolutely crazy.
So if we go to Fiverr here,
and we search meditation, all right,
let's search meditation on Fiverr.
Let's take a look at this right here.
Look at this, I will Professionally
record a guided meditation for $15.
You can pay someone $15
and they'll record a meditation for you.
And all you guys need, is to that video
to get over 15000 views
and you make your money back just from ads.
That's not even counting
if you're selling meditations
out the back end of your YouTube channel,
and that's not the only one Okay.
There's all of these different things
I will give you got a meditation for commercial use,
make sure they say commercial use by the way.
if you gonna do this,
make sure they say commercial use, like this one does.
So commercial use and I think this lady
does commercial use too.
So I will provide a professional
recorded guided meditation,
if we go to this right here,
actually, let's go to this one.
As you guys can see full master rights
make sure it says that.
So full master rights, five minute meditation
and the thing about this is,
you might be saying like is some of these channels
have 11 minutes, hour video sorry, not minutes, hours,
some of these channels have 11 hour videos,
and how am I gonna be able to do that?
Well, you can pay, someone to make a five minute video.
And then you can loop it.
You can loop that audio with a bunch
of stock clips together.
And you can make these videos super easily,
so looking at this ladies gigs here,
you don't have to pay more
than the five minutes of narration,
you can get that five minutes and loop it for yourself.
Okay, so as you can see, we have guided meditations,
that lady selling meditations.
Look at all of these gigs on here of people
who will provide you with guided meditation.
So many people even do scripts like this one,
I will create amazing guided meditation scripts.
Now what if you didn't wanna pay
someone to do the voiceover for your videos?
You could do it yourself.
All you need is a phone okay?
When I started out on YouTube,
I would literally record the videos
using this crappy little iPhone that I had.
And I was making $9000 a month doing that
and I was just going into high school when I was doing that.
Okay, that was like life changing money
for me back then right, $9000 a month
I was making more than my parents,
all my friends by making YouTube channels
that I can outsource okay.
And the way that I broke through that ceiling
and I reached next level
was by outsourcing my content creation
by paying other people to make the videos for me.
That's eventually how I broke through the ceiling.
But if you guys want to start,
you guys want to start making money online.
You can do this yourself too.
If you have no money to invest
and you're completely broke,
you can start doing this yourself.
You can start by watching meditation channels on YouTube,
writing down similar meditations, recording them yourself,
putting some royalty free background music,
putting some royalty free stock footage's together
any you can't just do this and expect them to go viral.
You really wanna put it in a system in place
for making sure you're not wasting your time on YouTube.
And that is why I'm actually providing my course
which is down at the link in the description
as well as a completely free training.
So if you're on the fence about the course
or you can afford my course that I offer,
check out my free training.
This is going to help you guys a ton
at the first link down in the description.
I guarantee you that free training
is going to help you guys a ton.
If you go check it out, but like I said,
look at all of these different meditations
that are being offered on Fiverr
that you guys can pay for,
for as little as $5, some of these
that you guys can pay for,
and upload to your YouTube channel.
So they're just pages of these guys,
you guys can go do this.
And there's so many different ways
you can monetize these types of channels.
You can offer private meditation sessions,
where you have people pay like $100
to do a one hour meditation with you via Skype
if you aren't capable of doing that.
But if you're not like I'm showing you guys
all these different channels that are doing this,
a lot of these aren't even showing their face.
A lot of these I guarantee you,
they're paying other people to make these videos for them.
But you can do it yourself if you want
and that's the beauty of this method.
You can do this yourself if you want
and then we start making money from it.
You can reinvest that money back into this
and make this huge content creation video creation,
assembly line machine.
Whatever you want to call it,
and you can make a ton of money doing this.
And that is the beauty of this method
is that a beginner can do this.
More if you already have money to invest,
you can invest in digital assets.
Digital properties on the web,
which I think YouTube channels and YouTube videos are,
that's how I view them, okay, that's why I'm starting
all these different channels in different niches,
and making a ton of money from it.
That's how I'm getting millions of subscribers
on my YouTube channels.
And just a couple years ago, I was a broke high schooler,
and if I can go from that, to run a YouTube channels
with millions of subscribers,
I truly believe that you can to.
So I hope this video helped you guys an absolute ton.
I thought this was a really cool method
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