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Everybody on the planet has heard of Google. Google is one of the largest search engines on the planet and millions of people use it on a daily basis. Nearly everybody knows this. What most people don’t know is how thousands of people are making money online by posting ads on Google.

How are people doing this? How are people making a comfortable living simply posting ads on this popular search engine? Simple. Seeing as Google makes a ton of money per year selling advertisement spots on their search engine, they created a program that allows people who have websites to post sponsored ads for a share of their large profits. Google ends up sharing about 50% of its profit to the person who posts sponsored ads on their sites.

This program is called AdSense.

AdSense is 100% free to use and easy to implement to your own sites. The way this works is since Google earns most of its revenue by allowing website owners to advertise on their search engine. These website owners pay a certain amount of money per ad they list and pay for a certain amount of clicks for those ads. Using AdSense and displaying the same text or image ads on your site that the website owners have paid for, you can earn roughly 50% of the clicks while Google gets the other 50% as well.

AdSense is a great way to drive additional income to your website, especially if it is more content-based. However, the important thing to note is that the amount of money you can earn using AdSense all depends on how much traffic is driven to your site. NO TRAFFIC, NO MONEY. Also, your potential earnings are based on how competitive the niche you are in is. THE MORE COMPETITIVE THE SEARCH TERM, THE MORE ADVERTISERS PAY AND THE MORE YOU CAN EARN. The average pay-per-click ranges anywhere from .15 cents to $15 though the average is anywhere between $1.15-$3.00. As little money as that may seem to be it can quickly add up.

While yes, you can certainly make money on Google by using their AdSense program it is important to remember that AdSense is NOT A GET RICH QUICK OPPORTUNITY. There is a lot of hard work into building a quality website with quality content and getting traffic to that site. It is not for those who only want to make money without putting in any effort. In the end, though, it is worth it.

What do you need to get started with Google Adsense?

To start working with Adsense ads, you need a website and create a Google Adsense account. But before you can insert ads on your website, you will need to request the activation of your account and you must first pass the Adsense filter. If you do not meet the conditions, Adsense will reject your request.

These are the 12 steps you must take to be accepted by Adsense and you can start generating income NOW.

1.- Be over 18 years old

Google Adsense does not accept minors under 18, and you will not cheat by falsifying your date of birth.

2.- Your content must be quality content

Adsense (and Google too) are interested in websites having value for users, and thus keep their advertisers happy and increase clicks on ads, which also interests you. And if Google wins, you win too. Your content must be unique and original.

Your users enter your page to get something they are looking for and that they need. Make sure that your content meets that need and that it provides the necessary depth in each case.

BEWARE also of misspellings and grammatical errors.

3.- Have enough content

It is not about having a specific number of articles. You could have 300 completely irrelevant articles published and Adsense rejecting you. The ideal number is between 15 and 25 articles, but that these are original and with quality.

4.- Usability of your website

You must take care of two factors of your website: the loading time and the appearance. If your website seems visually poor to your users or takes a long time to load, the same will happen to Google Adsense.

Bad design or slow loading time can cause your users to close the browser window and increase the bounce of your web page. Regarding appearance, nowadays it is free to create a visually optimal website using a CMS like WordPress and a free template.

As for the loading time, you need quality hosting. I recommend you SERED it´s I have for this website and it´s reliable, cheap and with good customer service, but you can choose between many hosting companies in the market.

5.- Be careful with the topic of your website

Google Adsense is extremely strict with the content policy and there are topics that are not accepted.

So, before submitting your request, make sure your website is not based on or touches any of these “prohibited content”.

Adsense could also reject you for inserting a link to a website that is one of these banned topics.

Here is a list of the content prohibited by Adsense:

Violent content. Weapons related content. Illegal content. Adult content. Derogatory content. Drug-related content. Alcohol-related content. Tobacco-related content. Healthcare content. Hacking content. False content. 

6.- Privacy Policy Page

Having a Privacy Policy page is so important that, if you do not have this page, Adsense will not even bother to check if you meet the rest of its conditions.

7.- About Us page

Google Adsense needs to know that your website is a real site with real people behind it and not a bot-managed site with scrapped content and the sole purpose of generating clicks and income.

It is something that your users also need to be able to trust your website.

Make sure to create an “About Me” or “About Us” page in which you explain who you are and that your users will be able to find you on your website.

8.- “Contact” page

A “Contact” page allows you to give your users the opportunity to interact with you. In this way, you generate more faithful conversations, trust, and users.

Google Adsense will value the fact that you care about your users and you consider them beyond the click of your ads.

Tip: Also include your social profiles on the contact page.

9.- Verify that the Adsense name and email appear on your website

Be sure to include your name and the SAME email address in a clearly visible place on your website, such as on the “Contact” and “About Us” pages. In the capture of the previous point, you can see an example of this.

This mere procedure will help Adsense to verify that you are not a bot, that you are the same person who made the activation request for your account.

This will speed up your approval, so you can start inserting ads and generate income as soon as possible.

10.- Use a Top Level Domain instead of subdomains

This is NOT ESSENTIAL but using a top-level domain instead of a subdomain gives a first signal to both Google and your users that your website is a serious project.

Today for less than five euros you can buy your own domain. I recommend that you do so if you want to increase your chances of being accepted by your Adsense account.

11.- Remove ads from other networks

Although Google Adsense does not prohibit you from monetizing your blog with other advertising platforms, it is recommended that you leave your website free of ads when you make your request to Adsense.

Once you are approved by Adsense, you can reuse those ads from other networks.

12.- Check traffic sources

Typically, your traffic comes from search engines, social networks, your subscriber list, referrals on other websites, etc. All of these are considered by Adsense to be legitimate and legitimate traffic sources.

Before making your request to Google Adsense, check your traffic sources and verify that you are not attracting visits from other types of sources that Google rejects and considers illegal.

For example spam, bots, or compensation programs (systems that offer a financial remuneration in exchange for clicks).

If you follow these tips, 99.99% can be accepted by Adsense without problems, to start generating income as soon as possible.