Sell Photos Online

Sell Photos Online

hi guys so we're now inside the portal area all right so here the first section we have is sell your photo video training alright now in this section we have seven videos we have the intro video which explains all about the portal which is very interesting photo tips basically some nice li... ▼

hi guys so we're now inside the portal area all right so here the first section we have is sell your photo video training alright now in this section we have seven videos we have the intro video which explains all about the portal which is very interesting photo tips basically some nice little hints to help us be successful in selling where to sell your photos online that explains about the places the websites we're going to use and sell photos directly from your phone so if you just have a phone you can still sell and upload from that too which is great key to successful selling on the large stock photography sites yep i've already watched that one a few times that's quite good and key to success in general and the last one take it to the next level all right so guys this first module is giving you seven videos okay seven videos plus all of this training on this sidebar for just one dollar guys okay so you have all of this information for five days for just one dollar now if you were someone wanting to learn how to sell photos and you wanted to know the best resources would one dollar matter to you would spending one dollar be worth it to have all this training all right so that's the first module the next module sell your photo guides in this section you're going to get a wealth of knowledge okay get paid to take digital photos this is the area that you're gonna learn the gold nuggets of information okay six ways to sell your photos turn your photo hobby into an income so these are free to keep free to download and just one dollar guys all right one dollar let's have a look at the section number three upload your photos now this is where things start to really happen you can upload all your photos from your phone from your camera reels onto these websites and you are going to earn money guys all right you are going to earn money for every photo you upload to these services and that can be from a couple of dollars all the way up to 250 dollars for 4k images okay doesn't matter if you take them with your phone or you don't have a such a good quality camera you can still sell on these sites guys and you will make money all right so that's the next section digital camera guides digital camera step-by-step guides let's have a look in here all right so here more knowledge more wealth for you to absorb digital cameras for beginners so this is a very nice intro for you guys that are just starting out you'll like this one quite a lot and this next one about the tips and tricks for photography is also very good all right so don't forget you know you're only going to spend a dollar and you'll be getting all of this information at your fingertips for free almost free because it's a dollar okay let's look at this another book to download 100 photography tips on to the next section digital photography mastery let's have a look okay we'll get another ebook more information okay to help us be successful online making money the next one also about portraits so if you guys are into portrait photography then this will be a nice book for you to read and download and to keep all right so let's say you decide to spend a dollar on this website you can go ahead download all the videos you can copy everything on this site keep it on your computer all right and you can even get your one dollar back after five days if you decide you don't want to continue with this service so for me that's spot on top value all right let's have a look at the next section ultimate photo training videos all right step by step photoshop training so here for you guys that are not familiar with photoshop you can go on here and you can learn all about photoshop and how to use it to make your photos look immaculate crisp and ready to sell so this has loads of videos and it's a great addition to this program okay let's have a look at the next one which is uh photoshop yeah 101 tip ebook all right for photoshop so this book here is going to help you get all the best knowledge and tips that are going to help you speed up your process for developing getting those photos ready for sale the next one some guide books here okay photoshop secrets very good photo editing tools this is where the value starts to really kick in guys because these editing tools are really superb and i've used them myself i would definitely recommend these to check out and have a read online here and check them okay now the next section is where things get really good okay this here is a list of photography jobs available all right these are hand-picked high-end decent jobs that are available by this website look at this one freelance photographer all right job opportunity salary 22 hour working from home i mean you can't beat some of these job offers nightclub photographer there you go that one will be a good laugh and a bit of fun down in texas dallas area this one will be paid 25 an hour so you know for that one dollar that you're going to spend on this training you're going to have hundreds of drop job opportunities because they upload regularly to this portal new opportunities okay now the last area is stock photography agencies this is where the cream of the crop sits guys okay you can go through all of these sources and get the very very best places to upload your images and resources okay there's over 40 resources for you to go through here so if you take this course and you don't know and you don't make money guys then you're doing something wrong seriously you have a golden opportunity to spend one dollar and have all of this information at your fingertips all right so I hope you enjoyed that now you know a little bit more about this training and uh yeah if you want to make money and you're serious about changing your future then this is the video series to watch okay and you can start earning money as soon as you upload your images all right so take care guys and see you soon

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