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For many people, participating in free sweepstakes is a fun pastime. After all, if you’re entering a giveaway that literally gives away free stuff and doesn’t spend any money, well why not?

But before you go through a list of some of the most interesting giveaways out there, consider some of these tips:

The higher the premium, the greater the chances that you will pay taxes on it. Just something to remember. If you win a prize of more than $ 600, you will have to pay taxes on it.

Read the fine print before playing. You don’t want, for example, to enter every day to win the prize, and then find out that the first entry was eligible, but the other 400 entries were not.

Log in frequently. That is if you have more than one chance to enter sweepstakes, play frequently. You will increase your chances of winning. If you want to win a draw, play many.

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If you watch an instant win game, this may be your best bet. That’s the opinion of Fred Skoler, a digital gaming innovator who owns DigiSnax LLC in Barrington, Illinois. He estimates that he has overseen the launch of 34,000 giveaways in the past eight years.

You can think of the phrase “instant win game” and compare it to lottery tickets, where you can win or lose instantly, but many major brands will run free instant win draws.

“The draws come in several varieties, but the best is the instant win games,” says Skoler. “These games let you know right away if you have won a prize.”

He feels that ties are also the easiest to win. With that said, there are many different types of giveaways. Some are raffles for a ticket (you can only enter once) or daily, weekly or monthly raffles.

There are giveaways where you can only enter on social media, maybe just via Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, or Instagram, or just by sending an email or something by post. But while there are many different ways to win a giveaway, the one thing in common is that you should look for free giveaways from brands you trust.

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