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Click and Bank CREATES AND HOSTS Clickbank review sites for you in seconds

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Click And Bank review

hey guys down here and welcome to the full technical demo of Quicken Bank now what you're gonna see here is what will be your actual user experience will be no BS this is exactly what you will see and what experience you will have as soon as you purchase so the first thing you need to do is y...

hey guys down here and welcome to the
full technical demo of Quicken Bank now
what you're gonna see here is what will
be your actual user experience will be
no BS this is exactly what you will see
and what experience you will have as
soon as you purchase so the first thing
you need to do is you log in to the
software here you login to click and
monk so we just click the login and then
as a brand new user the first thing you
get is you get the process to set up
your website and of course this is
really incredibly simple ok so the first
thing I'm going to do is I'm going to
give them a site a name so I'm going to
call it my example fitness site and we
need to give it a subdomain name as well
so this is just basically the address
that you're going to use to access the
access to the site you can use your own
domain as well if you want I'll show you
how to do that in a sec but when you're
just first thing up the site you do need
and the research subdomain name so it's
going to be my example nice site and we
also enter our clickbank ID so it would
be my bank ID whatever yours is and then
we select a niche and this one's a
fitness so we're going to like health
and fitness then we create the website
and that's it that is literally it you
are now done as you can see the site is
now being created for you we've got 49
posts we've got five reviews now one of
the first things you might want to do is
just check out the different content
that's been sourced for you so you can
see what the default content sources are
so for this niche the ones that we've
set by default for you are these five
different ones related to these to this
niche but you can delete any of those so
for example if I decided I didn't want
this one here I could delete that and
you can also add your own ones in so you
can add literally any any basically any
website most websites have an RSS feed
so any website that's got an RSS feed
you can add it in here as a content
source so you've got basically unlimited
options so yeah sure if you want to get
started really quick you can use our
default ones
but if you want to use your own so you
can have this work about any topic in
any niche whatsoever you can dealer so
let's just have a look at the post that
was created for us so you can see them
all here so these are post thirds
already it's already posted and these
ones are all scheduled you can see that
they're all relevant to the Miche we've
chosen and you can see that you can go
in and edit them at any point so you can
go in you can see all of the information
about them that's this is all fully
fully editable and you could change the
title you can change when it goes live
and you can see where it's been sourced
from if we go back to posts here you can
also if you want to delete some so
perhaps it didn't like this one I didn't
want this one to be posted I could just
select and delete it perhaps I didn't
maybe I want to delete all of these I
can I can do that
you know I could do that if I want just
like that you can also create your own
posts so if you click here you can
create your own one completely with a
full visual editor add images videos
whatever you want it's kind of like
having you know basically your own
completely done for you WordPress site
something like that now of course
another thing that it does provide what
you are reviews and you can see that
this is the review that's been good
speed generated for us and posted for us
already you can also see that we've got
four that are scheduled to come up in
the future and as we mentioned as new
Clickbank products are added to your new
that is in your niche we will do new
reviews for you and you will see them
pop up in here on a regular basis so
again these are all completely fully
editable if you want to you can go in
edit any of this you can change the time
it goes live you can change the title
you can change all of the text you can
just leave it the same you can maybe you
don't like the look at this one maybe
you don't think that a vegan what you
don't have this vegan one you could
delete that so it wouldn't be posted
again huge huge huge amount of control
we can you can also add ads and opt-ins
here so if you wanted to add some
different banner ads or your opt-in form
to your site you can do that with this
interface here so I'll just show you an
example of how that would work so for
example if we wanted to add a image link
this is at 1 I've already got saved so
we'll add this image in here and we'll
send it to this is the address the
affiliate link for it and we all send it
to the sidebar and we'll save settings
and I'll just make that live so just
forgot to do that there I can also add
an opt-in form if I want so if I click
there so I'll just copy and paste in
some code from my autoresponder there so
that's all we need to do and we'll
choose where we want it to be I'll to
use it in the sidebar and click Save
Settings oh forgot again forgot to make
that live just make that live there so
there we go as simple as that - you add
as many banner ads or as opt-in forms as
you want you can put them wherever you
want on the site something else I'll
just point out we can also add different
pages to your site so maybe you wanted
to add I don't know a contact page
contact we just put a slogan here for
the L and then you could have or your
contact info or whatever you want it's a
completely visual editor so you can put
in images videos whatever you want you
can create unlimited pages so yeah
you've got full game full control over
this you'll see hopefully how this works
in a bit once we once a preview the site
live and just talking you through all
the different things that you can do
first something else that you should
want to have a look at this all the
little design options so you might for
example want to add a logo so we make
that really simple for you so all you
need to do is you just enter the URL of
your logo so we've entered that in there
and well have to tell you what let's
just save this and have a look how it
to begin by by default so if you just
have a look a few life and there
go look at that how amazing is that
literally with you well how long have I
been on this video and remember this is
me talking through all the different
features give them lots of explanations
with even just a few seconds I've
created a full site planner our opt-in
form loads of great content Clickbank
reviews all these posts all designed and
created for me original content it's
really really fantastic but if I just
head back to the site settings here I
just want to give you some sort of idea
about how much power you've got about to
redesign this if you want so we've got
various themes here so I'll try that
retro we're on and in perhaps instead of
having all these posts one underneath
each other I might decide to have I
don't know let's try this one one first
first then to grid so okay let's just
just change those and have a look at it
I mean there's loads and loads and loads
of different design options as fonts
those colors loads of different things
but just quickly show you how quickly
you can change things so BAM we've
changed it just like that and you can
see here that we've got the posts being
displayed in a different way and we
could go back maybe just make it one
large maybe what I wanted to make it
look more like a blog so I could hit
this option here to show the entire
content I'll show you what that looks
and maybe we'll change the colour as
well and I'll try this color here and
maybe maybe this blue maybe this one
here okay and I'm save settings I mean
that's probably going to look awful but
just to give you some sort of idea there
we go
it's as quick as up you can literally
change just like to have it looking
exactly how you want to so many powerful
options so many and I mean we haven't
even scratched the surface here this is
just literally showing you just a tiny
fraction of the power of click and Bank
one thing of one thing I did mention
that is that I you could do your own you
could use your own domain yes you can
it's as simple as copy
and pasting one of these two different
code snippets you can choose which one
you want to use you just paste it in the
location you want sir on your domain
Fung the entire site is all this this
whole thing that you've just correct it
will be then be hosted on your own
domain so you can do that too I'm just a
Matt ant and finally just imagine if I
don't know say you'd created this
fitness site and decided that you didn't
want to be in that Nisha any more than
you wanted to try something else
how simple how easy is it to change over
and try a different one I'll show you
it's as literally as simple as going in
thinking well try business and investing
instead change my site title change the
sub so we get a different different
address to access it and then we just
click Save Settings and boom just like
that our entire site is gonna be
regenerated with different posts from
the business and investing niche really
ultra ultra smart all through easy to
use ultra powerful
that's what Clickbank all about and I
just know you're gonna love it

Check it out for yourself HERE

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